Speaking Engagements 2012

May 18-19, 2012

TANCon 2012 Entrepreneurship Conference Workshops: Naeem will be coordinating "Workshops for Start-up and Existing Entrepreneurs" and "Business Mentorship for Start-up and Existing companies" One of the highlights of this year's TAN Entrepreneurship Conference is the inclusion of the funding and business mentorship workshops for start-up and existing entrepreneurs. The objective is to provide tangible benefits to conference attendees. TAN is honored to have two experts in the field of entrepreneurship who are coordinating these workshops. Michael Wray is of the Santa Clara University Business Incubating Program, and Naaem Zafar is a faculty member at Haas Business School, Center of Entrepreneurship, University of California, Berkeley.

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  Past Events

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3:30 pm to 5:00 pm – Sunnyvale, 3rd fl Auditorium.  CEO TALKS:  LESSONS LEARNED
Due to the interest in the subject this will be a 1.5 hr session starting at 3:30 pm.
Startup Team building - is it an Art or a Science? How is hiring different from building a team?

Assembling the right team may just be the most difficult part of starting a scalable company. There is right way to screen for talent and attract the right people and then keep them motivated to perform at their highest level.  Two entrepreneurs with a dozen companies between them and several CEO gigs and exits tackle this topic and provide you with their insights about the art of creating high performing teams.  Other topics include off-shore team complexities, advisory boards and need for personal coaches.  Please join Naeem Zafar andSafwan Shah to this incredible chat.  See bios below.

Naeem has collaborated with E. Factor ( to bring several workshops and bootcamps throughout USA.

7-Steps to a successful startup:

  • Miami January 27th, 2011 Thursday at 6:30 pm
  • San Francisco March 1st, 2011,
  • Boston April 14th, 2011,
  • Los Angeles October 6th, 2011 Tuesday at 6:30 pm

Startup Bootcamp:

This is a full day Bootcamp that will give you all of the basic building blocks you need to succeed in your own startup or a small business.

  • Seattle May 14th, 2011 Saturday at 9 AM
  • Boston June 11th, 2011, Saturday at 9 AM
  • Dallas September 9th, 2011, Saturday at 9 AM
  • Los Angeles December 2nd, 2011, Saturday at 9 AM

Am I An Entrepreneur?
Date: August 26, 2010
Naeem will be in Chicago presenting the 7 Steps to a Successful Startup.
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E-factor Presents 7 Steps to a Successful Startup
Date: August 19, 2010
Naeem will be in Seattle to discuss the Seven Steps to a Successful Startup.  
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Teaching 37 CEOs from Wuxi China on Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley-Style
Date: August 16-17, 2010
Naeem will be discussing how to refine business models and create strategic alliances.


"..Invaluable, on-the-money advice..."

"Succinct, compelling, profound - this book is invaluable with full on-the-money advice that would have been priceless when I was starting my last company. It could take a lifetime to learn what Naeem lucidly summed up in just a few dozen pages. It's a must read for any entrepreneur!"

-Slavik Zorin Founder and CEO Synchrony Systems, New York



"Clear guidance based on knowledge gained by experience"

"Many of us believe that one day we will start our own companies. But what do you need to know before you take that irreversible step of quitting your job? Naeem Zafar's 7 Steps to a Successful Startup is just what the new entrepreneur needs. Providing clear guidance based on knowledge gained by experience! I commend this book to all who consider launching themselves on this exciting journey."

;Jerome S. Engel  Executive Director Lester Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, UC Berkeley



"Insightful and practical"

"I have been with five startups in my career mostly as VP of engineering and I clearly see that having followed Naeem's advice would have changed the fate of these companies that I was involved with - very insightful and practical. Excellent!"

-Dr. Bulent Erbilgin VP of Engineering, SS8 Networks, California

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