The Power of Right Advice

A mentor will save you valuable time in getting to market, minimize wasted expense, and prevent a great deal of needless trial and error, aggravation and frustration.

In my FREE bi-weekly newsletters, I will cover the core essentials of starting a new business. I take you step-by-step through the critical decisions that must be made. And help you recognize the right answers to the following questions:

Naeem advice

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When should I quit my day job to pursue my business idea?

How much time and money should I spend developing prototypes and doing legal paperwork?

Do I possess the right personality and qualities to be a successful entrepreneur?

How do I seek funding? What are my options, and how do I approach them?

What simple steps can save me months of agony after developing the product and forming the company?

How do I select the right team members and fairly divide equity?


"..Invaluable, on-the-money advice..."

"Succinct, compelling, profound - this book is invaluable with full on-the-money advice that would have been priceless when I was starting my last company. It could take a lifetime to learn what Naeem lucidly summed up in just a few dozen pages. It's a must read for any entrepreneur!"

-Slavik Zorin Founder and CEO Synchrony Systems, New York



"Clear guidance based on knowledge gained by experience"

"Many of us believe that one day we will start our own companies. But what do you need to know before you take that irreversible step of quitting your job? Naeem Zafar's 7 Steps to a Successful Startup is just what the new entrepreneur needs. Providing clear guidance based on knowledge gained by experience! I commend this book to all who consider launching themselves on this exciting journey."

;Jerome S. Engel  Executive Director Lester Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, UC Berkeley



"Insightful and practical"

"I have been with five startups in my career mostly as VP of engineering and I clearly see that having followed Naeem's advice would have changed the fate of these companies that I was involved with - very insightful and practical. Excellent!"

-Dr. Bulent Erbilgin VP of Engineering, SS8 Networks, California

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